Clitoral Hood Reduction Treatment in Pune

Clitoral Hood Reduction

What is clitoral hood reduction?

Even though the concept of vaginal rejuvenationis becoming highly popular, many women are still uncomfortable with the surgery in intimate areas. The truth is: that the vaginal rejuvenation concept is a life-changing experience. These are done with ultimate care, sensitivity as well as discretion.

Like all the other vaginal rejuvenation methods, a clitoral hood reduction or Hoodectomy is one of the surgeries for removing excess tissues from the clitoris. It helps in improving the overall look of the vulva and increases lubrication. A clitoral hood reduction removes the excess tissues and skin folds from above the clitoris that covers it.

In this process, doctors give general anesthesia to the patient. It is an outpatient procedure where they trim the surrounding skin of the clitoris. With the Hoodectomy, women experience better sexual stimulation. Several times it is done in conjugation with labiaplasty.

Everything You Need to Know About Clitoral Hood Reduction

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Who Needs A Hoodectomy?

Women with a long clitoral hood experiencing discomfort due to excess hanging clitoris skin folds, and may feel physically, emotionally, or cosmetically lesser confident, may choose a clitoral hood reduction. . Few usual potential benefits from the surgery include enhanced sexual sensation, better clitoral stimulation, and a shrunk clitoris. Besides, you can expect to get better and frequent orgasms. You will be able to reach climax without any hassle.

With clitoris hood reduction, you can improve the cosmetic appearance of the vulva. You won’t even feel any discomfort while having intercourse. Moreover, you will be able to experience a natural and youthful vagina.

Once you opt for the surgery, you will experience better self-confidence and an enhanced relationship with your partner. Thus, you can understand that Hoodectomy is beneficial for every woman interested in improving vaginal aesthetics.

There are a few criteria that you need to keep in mind. Before the surgery, you should be fit and avoid smoking for a few months. In the initial stage, you must discuss your issues with your therapist. If you have medical issues like heart or lung disease, you should discuss their detail.

Where Can I Get A Clitoral Hood Reduction?

It is crucial to understand that you must always look forexperienced surgeonsfor clitoris hood reduction. After all, it will help reduce various complications with a successful procedure.

However, opting for an unskilled surgeon might eventually force you to lose your clitoral sensation. Or, you might also lose the permanent sensation in your clitoral region, which is not a good idea.

Therefore it is always crucial that you choose an experienced plastic surgeon on logical grounds for having this procedure.

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What Can Be Expected During and After the Procedure?

Clitoral hood reduction is an outpatient procedure, and we do it under local anesthesia. We remove a certain amount of excessive hood tissue with a specialized laser and a surgical instrument.

Doing this helps in ensuring the accessibility as well as stimulation of the clitoris. As a positive outcome of surgery, you can experience maximum stimulation. Doctors do not modify the clitoral head but alter the hood. During this time, a patient decides whether she wants any modification in her genitalia.

The entire process of clitoral hood reduction is microsurgery. Once the procedure is complete, it won’t leave scars. Even incisions are concealed in the tissue folds. Once the surgery is completed, you will feel numbness for a few days, but it will subside soon.

Also, the numbness does not indicate any nerve damage. The best part is that once the healing from surgery is complete, the sensitivity in that region will increase and you will be able to enjoy the climax for longer. The process takes almost an hour to complete. You must share your expectations with the doctor beforehand.

Also, the numbness does not indicate any nerve damage. The best part is once the surgery is complete, the sensitivity in that region will increase as your partner will be easy to access. The process takes almost an hour to complete based on your expectations.