Delivery Scar Correction Treatment in Pune

Delivery Scar Correction

Everything You Need to Know About Delivery Scar Correction Treatment in Pune

What are C-section scars?

Cosmetic imperfections, especially C-section scars, are common, but women feel insecure about them these days. C-section incisions are a maximum of ten centimeters in length.

Besides, the healed scars at times range from four to six inches. However, it depends on factors like C-section delivery circumstances. So even though the surgeons do their best to reduce the width, you will still see the scars every time. As a result, it makes women self-conscious.

A C-section scar happens due to Caesarean delivery. It may or may not be a planned surgical procedure to deliver a baby through uterine incisions. Sometimes, large incisions are made based on when a quick delivery is needed.

Sometimes, doctors made vertical incisions starting from the pubic bone until the navel area. While healing, these scars become pale, red, or even raised. There are different types of C-section scars, and we can remove them in different ways. Read this blog to learn about Delivery scar correction treatment in Pune.

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Types of c section scars

At the time of the C-section, doctors make two different incisions. The first one is done near the lower abdomen near your pubic hairline. Then, another one is done on your uterus so that the doctor can deliver the baby.

Here are two different types of incisions made in your abdomen for delivering the baby:

Today, 95% of doctors opt for this process of making a low transverse incision. This is because a horizontal C-section is done in the lower region of your uterus and the lower abdomen has thinner skin so that you won’t bleed much. Even if you opt for vaginal birth after a C-section, you won’t have to worry about splitting a previous C-section scar while delivering a baby in the future.

It is also known as the classical C-section and is done in the middle part of the uterus. Although it is not popular today, doctors reserve it for emergencies.

What tips can be followed to heal the scar?

Your scars won’t hurt, and you will feel better within two weeks. It takes about three months until they heal completely. Although C-section scars heal over time, there are a few tricks to expedite the healing process.

  • Silicone sheeting: You will get several small sheets at the medical counters, which are cost-effective. Even though silicone sheets are not that effective; however, few research studies showed silicone sheets soften the scars. In addition, some women tend to get keloids, and silicone sheets are useful in getting rid of them as well. Post-delivery, you can start using the sheets to get good results.


  • Silicone gels or creams: Silicone gels, as well as creams, work like silicone sheets. These are once again quite affordable. However, it is always good to ask your doctor before using it.


  • Avoid sun exposure: Sunlight can make your scars look more prominent. It might even make them look darker compared to the surrounding. Therefore, it is best to avoid sunlight for the first few days.

Non-surgical treatments for delivery scar correction

Though the scars will heal on their own, scars will take longer to go. If you want to reduce your scars fast and effectively, you can opt for non-surgical procedures for delivery scar correction treatment in Pune. Here are some of the popular non-surgical methods:

  • Laser therapy: While some lasers help remove discoloration, others effectively soften the texture. Once the stitches are removed from the surgery, you can go through this process. Make sure that you opt for the surgery as soon as the stitches are removed. However, it is vital to understand that insurance companies do not cover laser therapies. The entire treatment will take almost four sittings to show the result.
  • If you have deep scars, it is best to opt for steroid injections since it helps in reducing inflammation. Within a few months, the scars will become less noticeable. Even if you have C-section, the doctor will provide you with the first injection once the scar

What are the types of treatments available for C-section scar treatments?

For delivery scar correction treatment in Pune, you can also opt for surgical procedures. Here are some of the effective surgical procedures that you can try.

  • Scar revision: In this procedure, the skin around the scar is completely removed. As a result, you will be able to notice a less visible mark. Even if you have a keloid, the scar revision method will help you.
  • Tummy tuck: If you have excess skin near your stomach, your doctor will remove it effectively. If your C-section scar is quite long, you can always go for this method.

What is the cost of the delivery scar correction treatment in Pune?

The cost of delivery scar correction treatment in Pune ranges from 10 k to almost 25 k. However, the rates vary depending on the clinic.


Yes, it is normal to experience itching throughout the healing process. However, make sure to avoid scratching since it might cause infection. At times, the growth of pubic hair can also give that itching feel near your C-section scar.

Yes, it is fine to have a numb cesarean section scar. All you need to do is avoid itching that area; else, it might cause infection.