Erectile Dysfunction & Its Major Causes

There’s a rising sexual issue amongst Indian men – Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Some statistics suggest that 25% of men suffer from this issue. And what’s worse is that this issue is being reported in men under the age of 30. This number is alarming and coincides with the rising number of couples facing infertility. However, there’s still hope. ED is highly treatable in most men through medications, therapies, and lifestyle changes. But before we look at the treatment, let us look at the causes stated by the best sexologists in Pune for the onset of ED.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Medications and Substance Abuse

Medicines used for treating certain conditions can cause ED. Those medications are:

Addictive substances are also known to cause ED as they wreak havoc in all systems of the human body. The following types of addictive substances can cause ED:


Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Many sexologist doctors for males say that the brain is the most important sex organ. This statement holds true because many psychological issues also cause ED.


Diagnosis and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction can be self-diagnosed. If you are having trouble getting an erection, or are having trouble keeping an erection during sex, or are even struggling to get a sexual urge, you could be having ED. But it is still better to talk to your doctor and get their expert opinion to truly know whether you are suffering from ED.

Only after consulting with your doctor can treatments begin. The doctor will first have to find out the reason behind your ED, and a treatment plan is charted out accordingly. Based on the reason behind your ED, the doctor can treat you with medications, dietary and lifestyle changes, and therapy. The treatment can even be a combination of all.

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