Labiaplasty in Pune


Everything You Need to Know About Labiaplasty in Pune

What is Labiaplasty?

Although plastic surgery is quite common, people have hardly heard about labiaplasty. Now, some people must have heard about it, but they might not have a complete idea about it.

Labiaplasty is different from other types of vaginal rejuvenation methods. In this, we reshape the labia minora, the inner lips, and labia majora, the outer lips of the vagina. With the advancement in medical science, more women opt for labiaplasty treatment. Some usual vaginal rejuvenation procedures involve radiofrequency, ultrasound, and lasers.

With our labiaplasty in Pune, we can reshape or correct the inner labia if it is bigger, then the outer labia and vice-versa. At times, these are asymmetrical, we resize and reshape their symmetry over the clitoris. Therefore, labiaplasty treatment in Pune is one of the advanced surgery options, especially if a labia is too large or dangling.

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Is it necessary?

Ideally, it is okay if you do not opt for a labiaplasty procedure. However, if your labia are cursing discomfort, you can talk with your gynecologist’s doctor. Labiaplasty is undoubtedly an easy procedure to reduce or reshape the labia minora. Compared to vaginoplasty, labiaplasty is different.

Mainly there are two different methods when it comes to labiaplasty surgery. Depending on the patients’ needs, we choose one out of the two. The first method involves trimming the labia edge to shorten it: and the second includes a wedge-shaped section from the upper or the lower section.

Afterward, we stitch the edges together. The entire procedure happens under complete sedation, and it takes almost an hour based on the individual. According to doctors, it is a one-day surgery procedure. Hence, you can go back to your house on the same day.

Potential risks and complications of Labiaplasty

Like every surgery, Labiaplasty too has some risks. Some of the common risks you can face while opting for our labiaplasty in Pune include decreased vulvar sensitivity, numbness, scarring that might cause painful vaginal sex, etc.

Some other risks include bleeding, infection, and a hematoma. In contrast, some patients decide on reducing labial length if the labia is over-resected. Post-surgery, you might develop a chance of getting a vaginal infection. Even your vagina might lose the pH balance.

Who should have it and who should not have it?

Before you opt for labiaplasty in Pune, it is essential to be fit. Therefore, if you have any pre-existing disease, it is best to wait for some time before opting for the surgery. If you need perfection, you will have to be in proper psychological and physical condition.

What is the procedure of Labiaplasty in Pune?

The entire procedure of labiaplasty involves various preparations starting from hygienic steps to consuming the pre-surgery medications. For instance, you have to wear loose undies, consume healthy foods, and keep yourself hydrated.

Mainly, two different procedures can fix the labia minora: edge resection and wedge resection. All these are done under anesthesia. While the edge resection helps trim excess labia edges, wedge resection cuts wedge-shaped skin, especially from the center labia minora.

Some procedures after the surgery are labia majora in two different ways. One is cutting out excess tissue. Apart from that, other procedures such as filler injections can be done to enhance labia for a fuller appearance. The fat extracted from the liposuction is filtered and injected into the labia for a firmer appearance.

The aftercare and recovery from the procedure

The aftercare procedure involves numerous steps that you need to follow. Post-surgery, you will have to stay at your house. Also, you will have to take the prescribed antibiotics on a timely basis to reduce infection risk and inflammation for reducing pain.

Once you recover from the surgery, make sure to wear loose undies and bottoms to lower friction and pass air..

Also, do not indulge in any rigorous exercise. Make sure to put an ice pack over your underwear for 20 minutes.

Is there anything else you should know before scheduling a consultation?

Before you are opting for labiaplasty in Pune, then you will have to go through certain things. Keep in mind some following things:


Several plastic surgeons and gynecologists offer labiaplasty in Pune. First, you should opt for gynecologists since they will tell you everything regarding the surgery. In addition, they might help you to connect with professionals who perform labiaplasty.

The procedure of labiaplasty involves some crucial steps. First, you have to take all the medications that your doctor will offer. Then, after the process, you will have to take anti-inflammatory medicines regularly. When it comes to hygiene, wear loose clothes, and take proper care of hygiene to avoid infections. Also, make sure to wash the area with water gently.