Loss Of Libido In Men Treatment in Pune

Loss Of Libido In Men

There are many reasons for low sex drive in men, also called low libido. A comprehensive low libido treatment in Pune can help increase your sex drive and harmonize your relationship with your partner.

What is Loss Of Libido?

Loss of sex drive is called loss of libido. Men often lose interest in sex after a certain age due to several factors. Sex drive is important for having sex, but if its lack does not cause any physical, emotional, or relationship implications, it is fine. But, if not, you must consult an expert to settle it because otherwise, it may trigger bothersome anger issues, anxiety, or dissatisfaction with your partner.

Is Low Testosterone Levels The Culprit For Libido?

Testosterone is the main sex drive hormone in men. Often low testosterone secretion can cause low libido, but other factors too influence low libido profile. 

Low testosterone levels cause a loss of sexual interest in men. This is why most men lose interest in sex as they age as their testosterone levels decrease with ageing. But only low testosterone levels do not cause low sex drives. 

What Other Factors Causes Loss of Libido In Men?

Some other factors that have been known to decrease sex drive in men are

Men need good body mass strength for intercourse; therefore, poor health or low Body Mass Index (BMI) may also cause a loss of sex drive in men.

Also, long-distance relationships may affect your sexual desires in different ways.

Extremely busy work-life also tend to lower sex drive in both men and women, and therefore couples should understand the importance of balancing both career and marital life. 

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Why Is It Important To Treat Your Low-Libido Problem?

Sex is an important aspect of life for both genders. Lack of sex does not affect everyone in the same ways. However, most times, it imposes many direct and indirect implications such as:

Sex issues in men such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction may cause sex withdrawal. To explain- if a man tries sex several times and fails to have it (to satisfaction) all the time, it may cause withdrawal from the act.

Though very personal, lack of sex can also strangle a healthy relationship with your partner and cause divorce or break-ups.

When To Reach Out For Help?

Discussing sex life can be very cringing, even with your partner sometimes. But it’s better to discuss and resolve your sex issues before it swallows your marital harmony and mental peace.

Dr. Ramit Kamate has been a renowned sexologist for more than 12 years and specializes in sexual medicine for male and female intimacy issues.

Low libido or low sex drive for a long time is an important issue to discuss. You can reach out to him if you face:

Diagnosis And Libido Treatment

In a very personal and compassionate discussion, Dr. Ramit Kamate asks some personal questions and demands a few tests to diagnose the root cause of loss of libido in men. All the tests are done in the hospital, and test samples are collected in-office discreetly.

Once diagnosed,  he may ask for a call to action with low libido treatments in Pune. Low libido treatment would include

Lifestyle change

The lifestyle change demand embracing optimism in life. Watching behavior patterns, having a balanced diet, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and giving time to your partner.

If you are a chain smoker or heavy drinker, you can call for action to reduce them, as they adversely affect your health and sex life.


Some intimate medicine can help arouse your interest in sex.

Testosterone Replacement
Low testosterone levels contribute to low libido. Hence, testosterone medications are prescribed to increase testosterone levels and your sex drive.

Couple Counselling

Lack of sex drive in one of the partners can cause massive miscommunication. We counsel couples to spend the most time with each other, talk, discuss their sexual or other important issues in life and gain each other trust and love.


Sometimes, low libido may also point out the need for a closer connection with your partner  not necessarily sexual, but still intimate moments. Therefore, it is important to self-assess you and your partner, and if in any way lack of intimacy is ruining marital life- call for action and reach out to us for sex-related or low libido treatment in Pune.