Monsplasty Surgery in Pune

Monsplasty surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Monsplasty Surgery in Pune

What is Monsplasty?

With the rising number of health-conscious people, demanding leaner looks, Monsplasty Surgery in Pune is gaining quite popularity among women, wanting to lose mons fats and looking aesthetically suitable.

Fatty pads present in the pubic area are known as the mons pubis. So, Monsplasty is the procedure to reduce the bulge of mons Here, excess skin and fatty tissues or fat pads are cut off from the pubic bone. Thus, the mons pubis is also known as pubic lifting. Due to excessive fat deposition, the mons pubis gets enlarged. It happens due to the loose overlying skin. Monsplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery.

With monsplasty, you can create a more firm and flat appearance. As a result, your lower pelvic part will look more leaner and appropriate.

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What is the procedure?

Before you go for a monsplasty or any other cosmetic surgery, talk to your surgeon and convey your expectations. Moreover, it is vital to think about various realistic expectations regarding the surgery.

Monsplasty works only for those who are already healthy. However, if you are overweight, it is best to lose weight and become fit for surgery. Here are some of the before-surgery preparation tips.

  • Ask someone to pick you to the hospital and drop you back home. Make sure that person will stay with you for 24 hours post-surgery.
  • You will have to avoid alcohol at least two days before surgery.
  • Avoid medications like aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal remedies for at least ten days before surgery.
  • Do not smoke for two weeks before and after surgery.

When opting for monsplasty, it is necessary to stay at the hospital for a day because usually it is done with other surgery like tummy tuck, labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, and pregnancy scar removal, etc.

  • In this procedure, you will be sedated with intravenous injections.
  • After that, a local anesthetic is put on your skin to numb the tissues of your abdomen and the mons pubis.
  • The lower abdomen is covered using a bikini, and a horizontal incision is made in your skin.
  • A scalpel is used for removing excess fatty tissue.
  • Underlying tissues and muscles are first pulled and then tightened with sutures, to sculpt your mons pubis.
  • Once the surgery is over, the incision is closed using adhesive strips.

What’s the recovery process?

The recovery procedure varies. It is vital to discuss the surgical procedure and the recovery procedure with your doctor. Once the effect of sedation is withdrawn, your surgeon will monitor you.

If no major complications are found, you will be released. Have someone to drive you home after surgery. You will experience mild discomfort post-surgery for up to a week. You will notice mild bruises and swelling in the surgical site for two to three weeks.

Normally, the recovery happens quite quickly. After a few hours of surgery, you can walk slowly. Once you complete one-week post-surgery, you can return to your job. However, you must avoid work like lifting heavy items or too much exertion.

You can participate in different physical activities within four to six weeks. The results of monsplasty will be visible after the surgery. Although the results are permanent, weight gain may redeposit fat pads on mons.

What are the complications?

Fortunately, monsplasty is one of the safest methods of losing mons bulge and having a sculpted lower pelvis appearance. Although every surgery involves some risk of infection from the incision, bleeding, or noticeable scars, you don’t have to worry about complications since if you choose us, you will be in the most experienced and safe hands.

So, book an appointment to visit us and know how to transform your life with our intimate and aesthetic surgeries.

What are the alternatives for monsplasty?

If you want to remove excess fat and saggy skin from your pubic area, then you must choose monsplasty. Also, you must adopt healthy eating, regular workouts, and effective weight loss tips. All these things will help in reducing excess fat in the pubic area.

Mons pubis area is the only area that loses weight at last. Therefore, all you have to do is choose a healthy diet- a less calorie diet, to prevent excess fat deposition in the pubic area. You can also practice some excersises like planks, straight leg raises, burpees, bicycle crunch, etc that involve your lower pelvic floor.

There are non-surgical procedures that are effective as well. For example, some successful monsplasty treatments in Pune include laser skin tightening, cool sculpting, and radiofrequency skin tightening that may help tighten the mons pubis area.

Cost and insurance coverage for monsplasty?

Like every other cosmetic surgery, women opt for monsplasty due to cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. Hence, Medicare or insurance will not cover the surgery. Therefore, you have to invest your own savings to get the surgery done. If you are seeking this procedure, Monsplasty treatment in Pune costs around 1 to 2 lakhs.