Lack Of Pleasure (P-Spot)

Lack Of Pleasure (P-Spot)

Everything You Need to Know About Lack Of Pleasure (P-Spot)


Women are not the only genders that can enjoy a change that is age-related well in this list means are also included. Several persons face a change related to age which can positively hamper their sexual life. For example, in men, testosterone levels start to decline with the advancement of age, and thus it creates a vast number of uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms may further be linked with libido and sexual function.

With the advancement of researchers and researchers, several new things have come up that can only treat such uncomforting abilities but can also help to boost self-confidence among individuals. Therefore, this article will know everything about P-spot that can help you perform the same

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What is P-spot?

Another name for the P-spot is Priapus spot, further derived from the Greek god of sexual health.

P-spot is a form of PRP treatment that mainly aims to treat the penis with the help of blood-derived growth factors through injectable treatment. In addition, the P-spot involves the input of Platelet-rich Plasma from the patient’s body and directly injected into the penis. This process involves treatment with the help of your blood cell. Moreover, the PRP helps to improve the penis in terms of making it stronger and longer, with more erections by improving the blood flow.

However, there is a very small amount of research regarding the P-spot.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a form of treatment where a blood count is collected from the patient’s body to extract the plasma growth factors and then re-injecting it back to the wounded areas or the areas that need concern.

It is said that Plasma palates contain some restorative and healing property that helps the body to get back to its usual position, or even better, and helps to cure and treat several types of wounds. With the help of research, it was found that the plasma contains more than 35 different healing substances or growth factors that give positive results.

PRP has been beneficial to treating injuries in athletes, several sports injuries, helps to heal from surgery quickly, and can also treat medical and sexual conditions in both men and females.

How does the PRP work with P-spot?

So, with the above information, you already know that P-spot involves gathering and inputting the own blood plasma enriched growth factors into the specific areas of the penis. In this process, the centrifuge divides stem cells and growth factors from the red and white blood cells and further remains the super-concentrated PRP.

It further improves the regeneration of the pennies tissues, utilizes the healing power of stem cells, and provides individuals with better sexual and healthy functioning.

Why should you consider P-spot?

A person can think of using the P-spot treatment as it is more than just improving your sexual function. According to research, the P-spot also helps improve the incontinence of the urine and prostate discomfort. Furthermore, it strengthens the tissue strength, firmness, and tone of the penis. The P-spot also provides a powerful asset in conjunction among individuals when combined with the BTL Emsella™ chair and the Zimmer® shockwave system therapies.

It is also further proved that the P-spot is highly recommended to correct Peyronie’sPeyronie’s disease with a 75-80% success rate.

What are the advantages of P-spot?

There are several advantages that the P-spot has provided to individuals. The lists of benefits a man can enjoy in his penis are further listed below:

What you can expect during a P-spot Treatment?

While treating P-spot therapy, a doctor can collect the PRP from the patient’s arm. The first step the doctor performs is numbing the area, and that is performed with the help of a lidocaine cream. After applying the lidocaine cream, the doctor extracts the blood from the patient’s body like a normal routine check-up.

Furthermore, the blood will be mixed with a centrifuge to further separate the PRP, platelet-rich plasma components from the red and white blood cells. Once the PRP is ready to use, the doctor will process the injecting procedure. The injections can be provided in the various parts of the penis to release the growth factors that help rebuild the tissues.

After performing the injection, the patient will be set free and can start their regular activities. Unlike other treatments, the patient can also indulge in Sexual intercourse activity.

Moreover, most people find this a convenient form of treatment as the injection is a size of ½ -inch, with a 30 gauge needle that penetrates the skin.

What are the results of the P-spot?

The result can come totally from person to person. For example, several men can find an instant result, whereas; several men take one or two weeks but notice a small improvement. Furthermore, a person can notice an improvement in the size because of the platelets and the serum present in the blood that activates the platelets’ growth factors.

Within three days, the body starts to absorb the fluid, and thus the patients might feel a slight decrease in the six though as the growth of the new tissue continues. This growth of tissues further remains for at least 12 weeks.