Sieve Hymen Surgery in Pune

Sieve Hymen

Everything You Need to Know About Sieve Hymen

Hymenoplasty/ hymen restoration/ sieve hymen surgery in Pune is a surgical procedure that helps reconstruct the hymen skin membrane located in the lower half of the vagina. This tissue is fibrous and elastic and is usually torn with the first sexual penetration of the vagina. Still, it can also break after a physical incident like sudden movements or using tampons.

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Why is it done?

Generally, patients wish to recover the original status of the hymen for personal, cultural or religious reasons. This is because, in most cultures, the hymen is seen as symbolic of virginity. However, it is important to note that hymen can tear from non-sexual causes, such as tampon use or certain sports activities (e.g. horseback riding).


The surgical procedure is very simple. It consists of the reconstruction of the hymen. The duration of the surgery is usually thirty to sixty minutes. However, the newly formed hymen will also bleed when torn. Therefore, the new hymen is constructed from the torn original hymen tissues.

Preparation for hymenoplasty

From a couple of weeks before the procedure, it is advised to avoid smoking, and certain medications, depending on the surgeon’s advice.


The hymenoplasty surgery can be done in three techniques:

The basic technique of hymenoplasty surgery is to sew up the broken hymens or sew up the remaining hymens. Sutures generally dissolve after a few days. Therefore, the patient doesn’t need to return to the clinic to get the sutures to be removed. Anaesthesia is administered to reduce discomfort or eliminate pain during the procedure.

It is still possible to undergo a hymenoplasty surgery if sufficient tissue is unavailable to stitch the hymen together. The hymen will then be reconstructed with tissue harvested from the body. Tissues are most often the inner labia and are considered the best-matched tissues.

Artificial methods can be employed if the body lacks tissues that can be used to reconstruct hymen. Alloplants are biomaterials that have been processed chemically. Often, it is used for transplantations. By inserting an alloplant instead of a hymen, the alloplant technique is applied in hymenoplasty surgery. As with a hymen, a tear-through experience will be provided. This technique is the last option in case no other options work.


You can expect pain after surgery, but you can return to normal activities within 24 to 48 hours. During these couple of days, the patient must rest. The stitches are always dissolvable, so they do not require later removal. Complete healing may take up to three months, during which sexual intercourse should be avoided.

With an estimated success rate of 98%, hymenoplasty is an extremely successful procedure. However, some patients may not successfully succeed with the surgery if they fail to follow the precautions or have complications during surgery. Be sure to follow your gynaecologist’s instructions for the best results. If you are looking for sieve hymen in Pune or other intimacy-related issues, you can contact us or book an appointment directly with Dr Ramit Kamate.