Vaginal Bleaching in Pune

Vaginal Bleaching

What is vaginal bleaching?

The vaginal discoloration is quite common. Due to this reason, women these days are opting for the vaginal bleaching process. It treats the pigmentation and discoloration near the peri-vaginal region that involves the vulva and perineum skin. Besides, we can also remove the skin discoloration in the groin area with vaginal bleaching.

Topical creams, chemical peels, and laser treatments are some effective procedures that help lighten the skin near the bikini area. Although it is known as vaginal bleaching, it does not bleach inside the vaginal canal.

The demand for vaginal bleaching is increasing day by day since it enhances the beauty of an intimate area. The entire procedure of bleaching involves areas like external genitals and inner things. Read the blog to know more about vaginal bleaching in Pune.

Everything You Need to Know About Vaginal Bleaching in Pune

Why Vagina Darken?

The vaginal discoloration is normal. After a certain age, it starts happening due to hormonal changes, chaffing, sweating, wearing tight clothes, or not maintaining proper intimate hygiene. The vulva, perineum region, and bikini areas are most affected.

People concerned about the visual beauty of their skin often opt for vaginal bleaching. However, at times, vaginal infections can be yet another reason behind vaginal darkening. With growing age, women are prone to vaginal infections, which results in dark patches around the vulva area.

Age is yet another factor that leads to vaginal darkening since it goes through different changes. Not just the vaginal area, other parts of your body can get dark.

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How is it done?

There are several treatments for vaginal bleaching in Pune. It includes homemade solutions, topical ointments, laser treatments, and special serums. In addition, you will come across various effective methods for vaginal bleaching in Pune.

Although DIY(Do It Yourself) treatments are effective, it takes time to show results since you will use no chemicals. Plus, most solutions are not dermatologically approved for proven results. The bitter part is that some DIY applications may irritate the PH level of the intimate area or attract infection.

Dermatologists do provide topical creams and ointments for effective vaginal bleaching, which are thoroughly tried, tested in labs, and then recommended by dermatologists. Dermatologists recommend these, and they are less invasive than other vaginal darkening methods.

Laser-bleaching treatment is an FDA-approved treatment that is quite effective. The doctors use these devices and adjust them according to the patients’ needs. A laser beam is applied to the inner and outer lip, vagina, and vulva areas.

Is it normal to have darker vulvar skin?

Yes, it is normal to have darker vulvar skin. However, it is vital to understand that the skin on your body keeps changing, and so does the delicate and sensitive skin near the vulva region. There are several reasons behind the darkening of the vaginal areas.

Natural hormonal changes and life changes such as pregnancy, menopause, and perimenopause can be reasons behind dark vulva skin. Apart from that, frequent waxing leads to callus formation in the vulva region.

Genetic reasons, weight gain, and aging are yet another reason that causes dark vulva skin. In addition, eczema, vulvar cancer, diabetes, and vulvar lesions lead to dark skin near the vaginal area.

What are the benefits of vaginal bleaching?

Women opt for vaginal darkening to seek better “intimate area lightning”. However, it doesn’t provide any health benefits but aesthetic results improve with vaginal bleaching. You can only expect to get visually beautiful legs and intimate areas, especially if you love wearing one piece.

Also, the women feel more confident and self-loved with a brighter and cleaner intimate hygiene.

Are there any side effects or risks of vaginal bleaching?

No major potential risks are found with vaginal bleaching. However, you might get some rashes or irritations on your skin using topical creams. Other minor contraindications include inflammation, swelling, burning, or bacterial infections. If they do not subside in a few days, then consult your vaginal bleaching specialist in Pune for the remedy.

Due to this reason, it is always best to choose long-term procedures such as bleaching laser treatments. However, it might cause skin burns or make it too sensitive. At times, a few bleaching treatments might burn your vulva too and cause permanent scarring.

Usually, the scarring happens in the clitoral hood. As a result, you might face too much pain in the clitoris and the clitoris hood.

Are there any precautions to be taken?

Yes, there are some precautions that you should take before vaginal bleaching. Make sure to work with professionals since bleaching in the bikini area requires proper care and thorough knowledge of products used in the treatment.

If the laser center tells you to opt for the laser inside the inner labia, then; do not consider it. Because professional practitioners never recommend bleaching the inner labia. Finally, it is best not to use DIY treatments without consultation since they might cause complications.


No, the process of vaginal bleaching is not painful. The professionals apply a sticky gel to the dark areas for achieving good quality results. Many high-end spas offer anal as vaginal bleaching. Starting from chemical peeling to laser treatments, you will get everything for treating vaginal darkening. The process is quite simple and does not involve any pain or abrasion.

Intimate area bleaching is a safe option and effectively lightens your vaginal and bikini area. Irrespective of your gender or age, you can always opt for intimate area lightening techniques.