What’s the Right Penis Size? Does it Even Matter?

What’s the Right Penis Size? Does it Even Matter?

There is a particular question that has been asked by men and women time after time and it is whether the size of a penis matters. It is a constant bother to men resulting in lack of confidence and induced self consciousness. Despite the sheer amount of research work on the burning topic, one has to consider that a penis size of a person is connected to his genes.

To keep things short it can be concluded that size does not take away from the functionality or its potential to give or take pleasure. However, people who prefer larger ones can settle for penis enlargement surgery in Pune. Here, we give you a perspective on whether size is everything for your male genitalia.

A big size is not always better

You might think that having a big penis as the toxic media tells you is better for you but reality is far from it. In most cases bigger penises sustain the maximum amount of injury compared to someone with an average size.

Even during vaginal or anal intercourse, a bigger than average penis can cause pain and injury to your partner and you. You are more than likely to face skin tearing when you are having sex. 

There are other problems that a person with a big penis can face outside of the closed doors, one being the embarrassment of an erection which he will not be able to hide, especially in public places. The other problem is that the person won’t find enough space within their trousers or jeans to house the genitalia, leading to discomfort and poor hygiene.

Average is not at all bad

A smaller penis provides a lot of benefits. Compared to a big penis, it requires much less housing space allowing you to enjoy your tight fit jeans.

A smaller penis is much more suited for a variety of positions, which adds to the pleasant experience of both the partners. The chances of you hitting you injuring yourself and your partner are less with the average size.

What is the average size?

People carry a misconception about the average size of the penis which often leads them to underestimate what they are packing inside.

An average size of penis is somewhere between 3.5 inches while flaccid to 5 inches while fully erected. You ideally don’t need a penis enlargement surgery in Pune if you are someone who meets the criteria of an average penis as it is widely preferred. However, for personal or professional reasons, you can choose to have it enlarged after consulting a sexologist.

Size does not affect stamina or fertility

The size of a penis is not at all connected to the stamina or your capability to make babies. Stamina is completely dependent on an individual and is nowhere closed to being influenced by size.

Even in case of fertility, size is completely unrelated to your sperm quality or ejaculation. The sperm is made in the tentacles which remains unaffected regardless of how big or small your penis is.

Final verdict

By now you must have an idea that every size has a positive side to it. A good size is surely desirable but it all comes down to the matter of preference. Let the thought of size not take away from the potential that your penis holds.

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