Bartholin Cyst Treatment in Pune

Bartholin Cyst

Everything You Need to Know About Bartholin Cyst

A Bartholin cyst is a type of vaginal cyst that forms on either side of the labia near the opening of the vagina. It’s named after the Bartholin glands, two small glands producing the mucus that help lubricate the vagina.

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Causes of Bartholin cyst

Doctors have yet to know why some women are predisposed to Bartholin cysts. However, some causes of Bartholin cysts are:

Symptoms of Bartholin cyst

Many cysts are small and do not cause symptoms other than minor irritation. However, if a Bartholin cyst forms an abscess (infection), its symptoms may include:

Diagnosis of Bartholin cyst

First, our specialist will look at the size and signs of infection around the cyst. Then, if the cyst produces discharge, they will examine the fluid for sexually transmitted infections or other bacterial infections.

Treatment of Bartholin cyst

Bartholin Cyst Treatment in Pune depends on the symptoms patent is experiencing. For example, if a cyst is painless, small, and doesn’t appear infected, it may not need treatment.

If painful symptoms persist or the cyst grows, you may develop an abscess. In severe cases, abscesses fluid may need to be surgically drained.

These treatment options include:

Sitz bath in a bathtub with about 4 inches of warm water for a few minutes, and repeat several days. This can provide comfort and promote healing.

Taken as the doctor prescribes for pain relief and discomfort. If your cyst is infected or tests show you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), your healthcare provider may prescribe antibiotics.

If your cyst is larger and infected, surgery may be suggested by the doctor to drain the fluid. A small tube known as a catheter will be inserted into the cyst. The tube is usually left in place for several weeks to allow for complete drainage.

In extremely rare and severe cases where treatment is not working, your doctor may surgically remove the Bartholin glands.

Even if it’s a treatment remedy that can be done at home, it’s best to talk to your doctor first. Do not try to drain a cyst by yourself as this may result in infection and make your symptoms worse. If you are looking for Bartholin Cyst Treatment in Pune or other intimacy-related issues, you can contact us or book an appointment directly with Dr. Ramit Kamate.