Stretch Mark Reduction After Pregnancy in pune

Stretch Mark Reduction After Pregnancy

Everything You Need to Know About Stretch Mark Reduction After Pregnancy

What are postpartum stretch marks?

Stretch marks are common in women due to pregnancy, and we know them as scars. These scars look like indented streaks. Most postpartum stretch marks often look pink, black, purple, or blue. Their texture depends on what caused them, how old they are, the BMI of the woman, etc.

Stretch marks are caused due to stretching of the skin in the pregnancy trimester, which relaxes later. Initially, stretch marks rise; however, they will become a depression on your skin with time. Once they start ebbing, it will feel itchy. Almost 90% of women start getting stretch marks almost by the third trimester. Typically, these stretch marks subside naturally; but some women may want fast and effective stretch marks removal after pregnancy. Here we will discuss the details about it and the stretch mark reduction treatment in Pune.

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What causes stretch marks during pregnancy?

Before you understand how stretch marks appear, you must know why it occurs. They are tiny tears present in the supporting layers of your skin. During pregnancy, it gets pulled. Therefore, stretch marks are related to skin elasticity. Similarly, stretch marks have a lot to do with genetics. Therefore, if your mother has stretch marks, then chances are there that you will get it too.

Many lifestyle habits are also involved when it comes to postpartum stretch marks. If you want to avoid it, you must exercise regularly and eat properly.

Rapid weight gain often leads to stretch marks. Hence, even if you do not want to get stretch marks, post-pregnancy might lead to getting stretch marks.

Can You Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

After completing one year, the stretch marks become mature, and it becomes impossible to remove them. However, if they remain after a year, you might opt for more targeted solutions for removing stretch marks after pregnancy that will help in enhancing your looks. So, think about treating your stretch marks soon after having it, the more you delay, the more prominent they will become.

If you start noticing stretchmarks soon after delivery, make sure to put pressure on them and massage them properly. You have to do this at least once a day, to heal them faster. You can see a dermatologist to help reduce the marks. Laser therapy and micro-needling are yet another of the most effective techniques that you can opt for to reduce stretch marks.

If the protein in your skin rupture, it becomes difficult to restore it. However, using the resurfacing techniques help in stimulating collagen production, thereby lessening the stretchmarks and stimulating new skin cells formation.

How to fade postpartum stretch marks?

It is vital to understand that treating new stretch marks is always easy and more effective than the older ones. Hence, it is always good to begin your treatment as soon as possible. When opting for postpartum stretch marks removal, understand that not every treatment works the same for everyone. Therefore, make sure to discuss these things with any dermatologist. They will guide you on what will suit you.

Chemical peels are helpful since it exfoliates the top layer of skin. Glycolic acid peels help in enhancing collagen production in your body. Laser therapy is another effective skin treatment that breaks the pigmentation of stretchmarks streaks and reduces them with time.

It reduces pain, scarring, and swelling. Various studies proved laser therapy helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by elastin fibers, etc. If you want to opt for something more scientific, then microdermabrasion can be a great option. It is a cheaper option and improves skin texture as well as tone. In addition, it controls sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles, etc.

If you want to opt for something more scientific, then microdermabrasion can be a great option as well. It is a cheaper option and improved skin texture as well as tone. In addition, it controls sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles, etc.

When can I expect my stretch marks to go away?

Postpartum stretch marks take time to go away. Therefore, you will have to bear stretch marks post-delivery and have to take remedial steps to reduce those scars. However, the best part is that the stretch marks will not stay forever. Within a few months, the stretch marks tend to lighten.

Proper care and skin treatments make it easy to reduce stretch marks. But, it is impossible to avoid it entirely.

How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy?

When talking about preventing stretch marks, you can follow a few steps. If you have a family history of bad stretch marks, you can’t avoid it. What you can do is keep a check on the weight gain.

Concentrating on consuming healthy food is also essential since healthy skin facilitates better chances of faster stretch marks reduction. Finally, keep using creams and lotions, especially during pregnancy, as it is not a bad idea to keep your skin moisturized.


Palmer’s creams and lotions are effective in reducing postpartum stretch marks. It is one of the oldest brands due to its rich and hydrating ingredients like cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, etc. The Earth Mama’s Belly Butter is yet another effective lotion that you can use to treat postpartum stretch marks. Topical treatments include Bio-Oil, which is effective for treating scars and postpartum stretch marks.

Stretch marks do go away with time, but it is vital to understand that you have to take proper care of the stretch marks using treatments.

Human bodies are different, and so is the healing process. Therefore, it is vital to be patient. Whether you have severe stretch marks or not, opting for the correct treatment on time will reduce your stretch marks. However, something that is working for others might not work for you. Hence, it is always good to discuss the treatment method with your doctor.