Vaginismus Treatment in Pune


Vaginismus is a medical condition in women that refers to the involuntary tensing or persistent contraction of muscles around the vagina when they attempt vaginal penetration. Though it does not necessarily affect the ability to get aroused, it can make sexual intercourse very painful and may even prevent it. According to the vaginismus doctors in Pune, if you are suffering from this rare condition and it affects your relationship, you must seek advice from intimate health experts like Dr. Ramit Kamate who provides the best vaginismus treatment in Pune.

What are the types of vaginismus?

Primary Vaginismus 

Also known as lifelong vaginismus, primary vaginismus is diagnosed in women who have never experienced vaginal penetration. 

Secondary Vaginismus

Secondary vaginismus is when vaginal penetration was once achieved but is no longer possible, potentially due to factors such as gynecological surgery, trauma, or radiation.

What are the causes of vaginismus?

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What are the symptoms of vaginismus?

How is vaginismus diagnosed?

Diagnosis of vaginismus usually begins with describing your symptoms. Your doctor will likely ask:

In general, diagnosis and treatment of vaginismus in Pune require a very slow and gentle pelvic exam in which the doctor looks for other health conditions that could cause pain.

How is vaginismus treated?

Vaginismus treatment in Pune is done using the following techniques:

Topical therapy
Topical therapy for vaginismus treatment involves the application of lidocaine or compounded creams to help with the pain associated with this condition.

Vaginal dilators
Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped devices that come in various sizes. When the dilator is placed in your vagina, they stretch the vaginal muscles and make them more flexible. Dilators make you progressively comfortable and less sensitive to vaginal penetration.

Pelvic floor physical therapy
In this technique, a physical therapist will teach you squeezing and releasing exercises to relax your pelvic floor muscles.

Sex therapy and counseling
Sex therapy and counseling for vaginismus treatment usually focus on managing your feelings about your body and penetrating sex. 

Why choose Dr. Ramit Kamate for vaginismus treatment in Pune?

Dr. Ramit Kamate is one of the best sex specialists in Pune and gynecologists in Pune. He is highly skilled, extensively trained, and has more than 12 years of experience in this field. In addition, he is renowned for his caring and discreet approach, and he is very transparent in explaining the issues. So If you are looking for vaginismus treatment in Pune, book an appointment with us.