Hymenoplasty in Pune

What is Hymenoplasty?

Everything You Need to Know About Hymenoplasty in Pune

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty or hymenoplasty surgery in Pune, also known as Hymen restoration Surgery, is a procedure to reconstruct the hymen located in the lower portion of the vagina. During first sexual intercourse, the fibrous and elastic tissues get torn in the hymen. However, accidents, tampons, etc., can also rupture the hymen.

In such cases, Hymenoplasty is the reconstruction and formation of the Hymen and is also called revirginization. The whole procedure of Hymen repair is simple, including stitching the torn edges together. The stitches used in this process gradually dissolve over time. It is a day procedure as it only needs anesthesia and stitching.

If you wish to seek hymenoplasty in Pune or hymenoplasty surgery in Pune , here are some points you must know. Read this blog to know more.

When does a hymen break?

The hymen is a small tissue-like opening at the end of the vagina. It usually breaks after the first vaginal penetration during sex. However, other non-sexual causes like several exercises, physical accidents, or usage of tampons can break the hymen.

Now, to reconstruct the hymen medically, hymenoplasty is done. No matter what is the reason behind it, choosing it is your option.

When one can need a Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic fix for a woman who wants to re-structure the hymen area. Furthermore, several causes can force a person to consider getting Hymenoplasty surgery to reduce physical or psychological implications.

The main causes are further listed below:

Sexual Assault is a severe condition where a woman is left out with severe traumatic issues. It is a devastating situation for a girl, and we understand that it is hard to forget those memories. However, one can cure her physical appearance with the help of Hymenoplasty. This process helps to reconstruct the damages that the attacker makes.

Sometimes, couples indulge in a sexual relationship with their partners and break up with them in the future. A girl can get her hymen reconstructed to bury the memories in such cases.

Several people still believe that an intact hymen is crucial in their cultures. If you want to become a virgin before your marriage, you can opt for hymenoplasty.

Some accidents, including bicycle or horseback rides, slipping on ice, or tampon insertion, can also result in the tearing of the hymen. Women who have undergone this scenario can consider Hymenoplasty to restore the situation.

Hymenoplasty tightens the muscles, which may loosen after childbirth. This process also provides the additional benefit of a more sensually stimulating sexual experience among couples.

Several people still believe that an intact hymen is crucial in their cultures. If you want to become a virgin before your marriage, you can opt for hymenoplasty.

This is a situation where the hymen covers the entire vaginal opening. This is not a common thing and can only be discovered when a young girl enters puberty and her menstrual flow gets blocked. The hymenoplasty surgery successfully corrects the small hole membrane to allow blood flow.

A septate hymen can also indicate the thick rigidity of the hymen. In this process, the tissue is divided into rope-like bands, where the related tonsils are connected at both ends and may impede tampon use or penile penetration. A hymenoplasty can resolve this issue.

How Hymenoplasty Surgery is performed?

Hymenoplasty  is a simple surgery performed by only an experienced surgeon while sedating with anesthesia. In this process, the soft cut-out or torn skin around the hymen is cut away, and then the overall remaining tissues are further stitched together, leaving a small opening. Furthermore, it helps to restore the size of the hymen to its normal position.

Sometimes the doctors may see that there is not enough skin to perform the surgery or can also face the nonexistent hymen. Then, the surgeon will further create hymen with the body’s thin vaginal skin or with synthetic tissues.

Furthermore, either a small amount of artificial blood supply or the patient’s blood acquired from a piece of the vaginal flap can be added. Finally, it is performed to stimulate the traditional bleeding upon successive penetration.

What is the recovery process and time in hymenoplasty Surgery?

The whole hymenoplasty surgery in Pune can take a time of one-two hours, depending on the amount of repair the patient is required. Moreover, this is a clinical procedure where a patient does not have to stay in the hospital, and the woman can also get work to her daily life just the next day after performing the surgery.

Moreover, a person can face a slight plain and bleed from the normal area. The pain only lasts for about 24-48 hours. It is also very crucial that during these 48 hours patient should not perform any heavy activity, including lifting, traveling, exercise, intercourse, and many more.

The whole recovery process may take six weeks to dissolve the stitches. After this, no one can even tell the difference between the surgical hymen and the previous nonsurgical conditions of the hymen.

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