Penile Enlargement Treatment in Pune

Penile Enlargement

Everything You Need to Know About Penile Enlargement Treatment in Pune

What is Penile Enlargement?

Many men feel insecure due to their average or small penis size. With the advancement in medical science, we can increase the girth of the penis with an effective treatment called Penile enlargement treatment in Pune. It is a surgical procedure that involves inserting silicone implants and fat. It helps in increasing the thickness of the penis.

There are various other approaches in cosmetic surgery so that the penis size increases. However, as per the Urology Care Foundation, penile enlargement surgery can be the only solution, especially if you have a micropenis. According to a 2020 review, people opting for penile enlargement often have an adequate penis size.

If your penis is 7.5 centimeters or even shorter, you should consider opting for penile enlargement treatment in Pune.

How does Penile Enlargement work?

Did you ever think about opting for penile enlargement, not just in surgery or topical products? However, it is crucial to understand that most men who believe in a small penis have a normal-sized penis.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that apart from the surgery options, the other claims that companies make are mostly false.

Most techniques, as well as products, might harm the penis as well.

Jelqing exercise is one of the effective techniques that men often use as a natural technique to increase their penis size. In this process, the hand-over-hand rolling motion helps move blood toward your penis. Jelqing is also known as ‘milking.’

Few research studies prove Jelqing is effective and increases penis size. Even though it is a safe practice, too much might lead to irritation, scar tissue development, or severe pain.

Pills and lotions are also some solutions that help in increasing the penis size. You will come across several topical solutions that claim penis enlargement. But, there are no such proofs that these pills and lotions work. If you wish to increase the penis size, always consider surgery by an experienced surgeon.

Phases of Treatment for Penile Enlargement

In this penile enlargement process, a small incision is made, especially in the lower ligament of your penis. Doing this helps the penis to fall forward. After that, a tiny prosthesis is installed near the ligament, as it will prevent it from re-joining.

You can even enlarge your original penis size by almost two to three centimeters with this operation. Besides, there are three different phases for treating penile enlargement.

Fat grafting is one such important step in penile enlargement, where fat is transferred to the penis to increase its girth size. It is taken from the outer thighs and injected into the penis. This process is safe and well protected, and it gives natural results.

Fat grafting is one of the most vital steps for penile enlargement. One of the main advantages of fat grafting is that it adds enough volume to your penis size.

Fat grafting and transfer are almost the same processes. In this process, we harvest fat from other parts of our bodies. Then, it is washed, purified with care, and injected using properly designed needles.

We can repeat this process to get the actual result. You and your surgeon will decide the area to harvest the fat in the harvesting process. Once it is washed and purified, it is injected inside the penis.

PRP or Platelet-rich plasma is a substance that helps in healing. Plasma is one of the most crucial parts of your blood, also known as protein. It helps with blood clotting. Moreover, these proteins are helpful for overall cell growth as well.

The reason behind injecting PRP into the penis is that it helps in stimulating the cells to grow and heal them.

Precautions before and after the process

For some people, this penile enlargement surgery helps in well-being and masculinity since it helps in adding girth. However, there are certain precautions that you need to take before and after the surgery since it helps in getting the best possible results.

Your doctor will provide you with instructions pre and post-surgery that will help with quick recovery. For example, proper water intake for hydration and avoiding smoking before surgery. Apart from that, avoid blood thinners, especially aspirin.

The recovery time varies for each patient. Due to this reason, anti-inflammatories, as well as antibiotics, are given to handle the pain as well as swelling.

How much time does it take to give results?

It is a sensitive process, and it can take time to show results. The recovery procedure takes almost four weeks; however, the time varies. Therefore, it is best to avoid lifting heavy weights or indulging in physical activities. Also, you must avoid indulging in masturbation or sexual activities for about six weeks.

Cost of Penile Enlargement

The cost of penile enlargement treatment in Pune varies. While some clinics charge 1 lakh, others charge almost 2 to 3 lakhs depending on your demands and your chosen process. Contact Us for detailed information about penile enlargement treatment in Pune.