Breast Lift Surgery in Pune


Everything You Need to Know About Breast Lift Surgery in Pune

What is Breast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy?

Many women have saggy breasts after pregnancy, weight change, aging, breastfeeding, etc. If you are concerned about how your breast looks, then Mastopexy is one of the best options. Mastopexy is commonly known as breast lift surgery. In this breast lift surgery, the nipples are repositioned high on your chest wall, the excess skin is removed, and breast tissues are tightened to make a firm breast.

One way to check the need for Mastopexy is to keep a pencil under the breasts. If it stays, then you can think of choosing our breast lift surgery in Pune. This procedure is quite helpful, especially if you are concerned about how your breast looks.

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How to prepare for Breast Life Surgery in Pune?

Before you undergo Mastopexy or breast lift surgery in Pune, you have to consult a specialist doctor for breast lift surgery. You have to tell him about your goals and how you want your breasts to look. Make sure to bring photos to show the desired size and the shape of your breasts you want.

According to your health conditions, the surgeon will recommend a few options. Also, he will explain all the procedures of breast lift surgery in detail to avoid risks along with the recovery procedure.

There are rare complications in breast lifting surgery. You might face three common risks that include bleeding, infection, and scarring. The surgeon will share some effective tips to lower the complications.

Avoid smoking and as well as medications that might cause bleeding. Also, make sure not to indulge in lifting heavy weights for about four to six weeks.

What happens during the Mastopexy procedure?

You will get Mastopexy in a hospital setting or operating room. Before the breast lift surgery in Pune, you will meet an anesthesiologist, surgeon, and nursing staff.

Soon, the doctor will mark the exact position where the nipples are supposed to be placed. Then, the professionals will take you to the operating room for sedation with general anesthesia.

During the surgery, your surgeon will remove excess tissue and lift the breast to the proper location. If you are getting implants, he will insert them, close the incision and bandage your breasts.

What to expect during breast lift surgery recovery?

On the second day of the surgery, your doctor will remove the bandages and drains. He will also check the blood supply to your breasts and the nipple color. You might feel uncomfortable for a few days post-surgery.

You will have to wear a surgical bra or place any support underneath your breasts to give it enough support. By doing so, the recovery will be quick. For the first six days, you will require pain medication.

If you choose breast implants, avoid anything that will affect your chest; otherwise, your implants will rupture. Within two to three weeks, your surgeon will remove all the stitches, and afterward, it will continue to grow as time passes.

You will find minor differences, especially with the symmetry of your breasts. Your plastic surgeon will perform touch-ups and will re-position the nipple accordingly. Take extra care during recovery to avoid side effects.

After all, surgeries come with some infection risks. However, you might feel sensation loss in your breast with breast augmentation.

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Mastopexy risks and complications

After a breast lift surgery in Pune, you might develop a few risks and complications. However, most of them are temporary and do not cause any harm to your body. Some of the common risks you might face include scars, which will fade with time.

Sensations in your breast, as well as nipple, will change as well. Although it will come back within a couple of weeks, the sensation changes can be permanent. Your breasts sizes may differ during healing because they heal at a different pace.

How much does Breast Lift Surgery cost in Pune ?

Mastopexy is considered one of the cosmetic surgeries. Most health insurance companies do not offer coverage for such surgeries. The surgery cost includes tests, prescriptions, hospital costs, surgeon fees, etc. Mastopexy cost ranges around Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,20,000.

What is the long-term outlook for women who have Breast Lift Surgery?

After the surgery, you might not see immediate results. However, it will take a few months to show the results. Here are some most important queries by women regarding our breast lift surgery in Pune.


While performing the treatment of the Non-surgical labia, it can be said that it is not painful, and no such anesthetic procedure is recommended. Moreover, it is quite similar to transvaginal ultrasound. Several patients might feel mild pain, but that is quite bearable. The individual has the possibility to feel a warm sensation as the wand is passed over the skin. Nevertheless, a person can go back to the normal routine immediately after this treatment. But it is recommended to take a week’s rest to understand the results clearly.

You can get a breast lift surgery at any age once breasts have developed completely. If you want, you can get it before or after getting pregnant. Even after opting for breast implants, you can still breastfeed.

There are a few steps that you must follow when opting for breast implants. After getting the surgery, you have to avoid lifting any heavy objects or wearing tight clothes. Also, you must avoid strenuous gymming and running activities for a few weeks after breast lift surgery or mastopexy.

Women having small and drooping breasts can opt for breast uplift surgery.

Patients with breast cancer, cellulitis, diabetes, and broken breast skin can not opt for breast lift surgery.