Effective Communication in Intimate Relationships

Communication is key in so many aspects of life, so why would your intimate relationships be any different? Love is not a guessing game. You must communicate to know each other’s needs, wants, desires, and fantasies, and only then, will there be marked improvement in intimacy, and it will only keep getting better. But how to do it? When it comes to couple dynamics, communication is a lot more than just talking. Here are a few effective ways to communicate in a relationship:
1. Listen – This is one of the most common issues couples face. Everybody wants to talk but nobody wants to listen. Sure, speaking up in a relationship is important, but active listening is just as important. A relationship is between two people, so communication must be a two-way street, and listening to each other should take precedence. You will be surprised how much you will know
about your partner’s needs just by listening. 
2. Clarity – Be clear with your communication. Say what is on your mind. Avoid being cryptic and suggestive. Yes, once your communication and intimacy improve over a period, there will be a time when you will be able to understand each other even without speaking words but to get there, you have to start with clear communication. Share your deepest thoughts and
even your fears. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with your partner. This will
bring you two closer.  
3. Empathize – Empathy is such a wonderful thing. It allows you to feel and understand what your partner is going through. There are times when you might feel that your partner is being irrational, but empathy is what will help you know and understand why they are being this way and what is going through their mind. You try to see things from their point of view and even be understanding of their situation. Empathy also helps you both be on the same page.
4. Non-verbal Communication – Body language is always honest. Your words might be saying something but your body language will always give away how you truly feel. So, work on your non-verbal communication. Just a simple thing as smiling at your partner, or a well-timed hug can really create a positive atmosphere conducive to intimacy. Keep the non-verbal communication while you both are getting intimate as well. Responding to their touch, moving the way they like, holding them close and tight, stealing kisses, etc. can bring about passion and excitement in lovemaking. 
5. Celebrate the Positive – Another great way for effective communication is celebrating each other’s positive aspects. Love and appreciate everything good about each other and tell this to each other often. This will build your confidence and attraction for each other. Of course, this doesn’t mean you ignore the negatives. You have to work on the negatives together, which will again bring you two much closer together.

Use the given tips to establish effective communication, build emotional intelligence, and improve your intimate relationships. To learn more about how to increase effective communication in your intimate relationship, you can visit Nakshatra Clinic to see Dr. Ramit Kamate. He is one of the best sexologists in Pune and has helped many couples get their intimacy back on track. Book an appointment